How much can You Save with a Shutterstock Coupon 2016?

shutterstock logo Shutterstock coupons are very important to the creative community. They give us the opportunity to save from images on demand and subscription plans. They allow us to purchase and download premium content without breaking the bank. They are the reason why we can jump-start and complete our creative projects on time. If royalty-free images are the life blood of many designs, coupons are the veins in which success flows.

Where can you get Shutterstock coupon codes? They are available all over the Internet. They are offered by many websites. Some are legit, while some are scams. It is up to us to find the reliable ones. After all, finding a legit distributor of these coupon codes is not that hard. Just take note of the red signs, which include:

  • A website asking for money in exchange. A true distributor of coupons for Shutterstock does not require an exchange for coupons. Coupons are given freely for our benefit. Sometimes, all it takes to a get a significant discount is creating a Shutterstock account. More often, you just need to get the codes and apply them to your next image subscription. Either way, no amount of cash is involved to get them.
  • Giving out your email. Some scam sites require you to leave your email address or even create an account with them to get Shutterstock promo codes. Never give out your email address to get those codes. They may be invalid and inactive.
  • Giving out your personal information. Why do you need to give out your personal information let alone your credit card and PayPal details? Keep in mind that legit sites will never ask you to do such thing. Unless you are ready to purchase from the stock photo agency, never give out your credit card details.


Shutterstock has a lasting relationship with many companies in the market. You just have to find them in order to make sure that you are getting only valid and active quotes. This year 2016, you can get as much as 15% discount on all image subscriptions and 10% off on all footage products. If you choose Shutterstock, you can avail of these coupons until June 30, 2016. Hurry and redeem them now! Jump-start your creative project with professional quality images.

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How much can you save with coupon for Shutterstock this year? Every year, different coupons are offered by partner sites. This year, it allows new and existing customers alike to purchase and download premium content with a 15% discount on all subscriptions and 10% discount on all footage products. Generally, these offers are only valid for a short period of time. So, you need to hurry and get yours now!

Get Your Adobe Stock Photos Creative Cloud From Within Photoshop

adobe stockAdobe’s Creative Cloud suite of programs are the best of the best when it comes enabling creative professionals through technology.  And with the launch of Adobe Stock earlier this year, programs like Photoshop and Illustrator got even more powerful.  Now, through Adobe Stock Photo’s Creative Cloud integration, you can access millions of stock photographs from right inside of your creative cloud programing without ever leaving Photoshop, Illustrator, or any other creative cloud offering.  Here’s how you can purchase photos from Adobe Stock without ever leaving your Creative Cloud program of choice, you can read it’s review here.

  1. Sign Up For Adobe Stock

sign-up-adobe-stock-photosIf you don’t have Adobe Stock Photos Creative Cloud already, make sure to sign up for the service.  By doing so, you get access to millions of stock photos at the tip of your fingers, and you can purchase and download these easily from right inside of Photoshop or other programs.  Check out their plans and offerings and make sure that you are signed into Adobe’s Creative Cloud when you purchase the plan that will work best for you.

  1. Launch Adobe Stock From The Creative Cloud Libraries Panel

From the Libraries panel on the right hand side of your Creative Cloud workspace, you can launch the full Adobe Stock library easily.  Just click on the link that says “Search Millions of Photos at Adobe Stock” or by clicking on the Adobe Stock icon.  If your Libraries panel isn’t displaying, make sure it is set to display in your program settings.

  1. Search For Imagery

From the Adobe Stock Photo Creative Cloud library, you can search for the perfect image for your project.  Once you have found an image that works for you, you will want to save it to your Adobe Creative Cloud library.  To do so, click the drop down menu by the “save to” menu and name a new library.  You will see a small alert display when you have saved an image correctly.

  1. Use The Image From Your Creative Cloud Library

creative-cloud-libraries-adobe-stockOnce you have an image downloaded, it’s easy to insert it directly into any project you are working on.  Just select the library that you saved your image to with the drop down menu, and then drag and drop your new image into your project.  Using this technique, you can download as many images as you need, and then access them quickly and easily from inside of Photoshop or any other Creative Cloud program.